Meet Elouise

Elouise is a goofy, sweet girl with a BIG personality. She loves her brother (and mama and daddy) and all things lovey or baby doll involved. She’s a social butterfly and loves to get a laugh out of anyone around.

Our medical journey with Elouise started around 3 weeks old, when she nearly completely stopped eating. She spent the majority of her days screaming and uncomfortable. At 6 weeks old she had an NG tube placed and had her first of many diagnoses, failure to thrive. After finally getting into a GI specialist and running more tests than I can count now, Elouise was diagnosed with gastroparesis in August of 2021, at 3 months old.

In November of 2021, Elouise had her G-tube placed. We thought we had figured it out and we’d be on the up and up. Among many other things to pop up (chronic constipation, left eye Ptosis, left side leg weakness, mild left ear hearing loss) she began to have cyclical fevers. As of right now they are “of unknown origin.” We have been told by many doctors that she’s “just a puzzle.” While Elouise is an incredibly happy child and outwardly appears “typical,” she continues to struggle with eating and drinking. When her fevers strike (2x month for 5-10 days each) she is absolutely miserable and achy. Sleep becomes difficult and is often the worst part of the day for her.

Our local children’s hospital has not acted with urgency to put her pieces together and figure out a way to help her be pain free. Any funds raised through this grant would be used to put toward travel expenses and whatever insurance won’t cover to get to Cincinnati Children’s. We believe this is our best bet to find out what is causing all of Elouise’s symptoms and find a solution to help her.

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