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Meet Bren Bren is a fun loving boy. He can find the humor in all situations and every single person he meets is his friend. He love all things related to the Packers, Mickey, and video games and is truly content with anything as long as he is near his family. He is the most determined child I have ever [...]

Nicoli (Nico)

Meet Nico Nico was born on February 15, 2019; he came out with the umbilical cord double wrapped around his neck. Nico was quickly rushed away to the NICU where he spent the first 18 hours of his life. Nico came into the world fighting and has not stopped! When Nico was 2 months old, he was diagnosed with low [...]


Meet Elouise Elouise is a goofy, sweet girl with a BIG personality. She loves her brother (and mama and daddy) and all things lovey or baby doll involved. She’s a social butterfly and loves to get a laugh out of anyone around. Our medical journey with Elouise started around 3 weeks old, when she nearly completely stopped eating. She spent [...]


Meet Emery We call Emery our ray of sunshine. She radiates joy, is extremely determined, and spunky. She loves music, spinning, animals, and is always up for an adventure. She was born with Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome, a rare genetic syndrome that effects every process and organ system in the body in different ways, Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum, which means the [...]


Meet Juniper On January 25, 2020 at 6:04 am our sweet daughter Juniper (or Juni) made her entrance into this world. She had the dantiest fingers, big alert eyes, and the squishiest cheeks. Being that it was still two months before COVID shut things down, her two half-brothers were able to come and meet her at the hospital. Our blended [...]


Meet Kinley In November of 2018, our family was surprised with the early arrival of our daughter Kinley, born at just 28 weeks gestation via emergency c-section. Due to her prematurity, Kinley spent her first 3 months of life in the NICU, receiving life-saving care while she continued to develop outside of the womb. Early on, Kinley had obvious struggles. [...]

Camila Sophia

Meet Camila Sophia Hi, we are the Barahona family from Atlanta GA. Our precious daughter is Camila Sophia. She was born with a rare disorder called CDKL5 deficiency disorder which is a rare developmental epileptic encephalopathy caused by mutations in the CDKL5 gene. This disorder can manifest in a broad range of clinical symptoms and severity. Camila started manifesting symptoms [...]


Meet Cyrus Cyrus’ story is a long one even though he’s not even 3 years old yet. Cyrus’ birth mom was told that her unborn son would not survive birth because his hydrocephalus was so severe. Cyrus was also diagnosed prenatally with a condition called Dandy Walker syndrome which is a malformation of the brain with the growth of a [...]


Meet Lottie Lottie is a sweet, sassy, and silly 8 year-old little girl with a very rare genetic neuromuscular disease called TBCK syndrome. As of this year, less than 100 people in the World have this diagnosis. The disease effects all areas of her development. Currently she is non-verbal and unable to stand or walk. She is constantly in need [...]


Meet Christian Right when COVID hit the US, Christian was diagnosed with RSV and hospitalized. They noticed his poor head control and ordered an MRI and genetic testing. The MRI revealed a lack of myelin formation and genetic testing revealed he has a mutation in the TUBB4A gene. We were told the mutation was rare, was a spectrum, and there [...]

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