Meet Fletcher

Fletcher is happy, funny, and kind. He loves people, school. and making and passing out bracelets.

Fletcher has complex medical needs, the most significant is that he requires a trach and ventilator to sustain him. He’s also immobile therefore he is solely dependent on his parents. So, even though Fletcher is almost 17 years old, his day-to-day life looks different than his peers. But the great thing about Fletcher is that he doesn’t seem to notice the differences.

We are a single income family. Mom doesn’t work outside our home because Fletcher’s needs are so great and in home nursing has proven to be unreliable. Fletcher has a few prescriptions that are out of pocket, so funds will be used for that. Also, our accessible van is 9 years old and has more than 100,000 miles on it. Although it is working fine now, eventually we will have to replace it. We haven’t had car payments for years so funds could also go to making car payments one day. Also, any modifications in our home to make it more accessible for Fletcher.

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